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Green Home Renovation Massachusetts Bathrooms

On May, 25, 2017

While building a new green home may not be in everyone’s household budgets, there are plenty of eco home renovation ideas for your current abode.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that between 1992 and 2002, Australians spent over $1.6 billion on home renovation. And with the current economic downturn, more and more homeowners are considering hanging on to their residents and giving them a new look instead of buying a new one.

One of the first renovation considerations for most homeowners is remodelling the bathroom. That salmon colour scheme with sea foam green might have been a great look for the 50s, but it just might not be your cup of tea.

For the eco minded renovation, there are many sustainable options for the bathroom. From tips to save water, energy – and some precious cleaning time – here are some Green Pages eco home tips for a sustainable bathroom:

Eco Home Tip # 1 – Up cycle/Recycle – Consider second hand pieces for furniture. An old dresser or buffet could make a great vanity. By visiting some great recycle shops, you may find a treasure trove to inspire the ecomagination.

Eco Home Tip # 2 – Lighting au natural – consider installing a skylight to let in natural light during the day. Many skylights can also be ventilated which will save on cleaning (see Eco Tip 5). For artificial, opt for energy efficient globes and fixtures.

Eco Home Tip # 3 – Hey you, try a water saving loo – Australians were the first to pioneer dual flush toilets, let’s all be proud. The unique shape of the bowl is the secret behind this ingenious invention, which can save on average 35,000 litres of water a year. There’s also the option of installing a waterless urinal in your home, the perfect water saving solution for a house of growing boys.

Eco Home Tip # 4 – Low flow taps and showerheads – Get your fittings measured up and put in flow restrictors or install some low flow fittings. When getting your plumbing put in, call your home remodeling contractor who can answer many of our eco bathroom questions.

Eco Home Tip # 5 – Ventilation Revolution – Hate cleaning the bathroom? Here’s a quick tip – by installing a fan or ceiling ventilation, you reduce the build up of mold, mildew and foul odors. This means less cleaning, especially with those harsh bleach based chemical cleaners. (which you should ditch for eco cleaning ideas)

Eco Home Tip # 6 – Eco IS a material change – there are eco option for practically everything, solvent free eco paint, sustainable timber or bamboo cabinetry, recycled glass tiles, screens, blinds, windows, everything you can think of.

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